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In many Asian countries they know too well what to cook during hot weather. And now that the temperatures in our lil’ cold country have risen, it’s the perfect moment for a tropical holiday in our own city. HTSPT put together a list of 5 hotspots for Asian food aficionados. From Thai to Indonesian to Vietnamese food, this is where you must go for fine Asian cuisine.

Noo.Me (Botersloot 18A)
Noo.Me is one of the latest additions to the Botersloot. An addition with an Asian twist. At Noo.Me they do not serve you dishes selected from one specific Asian country, but you can choose from dishes from several different Eastern countries. Noodlesoup is certainly their main dish, hence the name, but it’s not the only dish on the menu. You can taste many other dishes, made following grandfathers recipe. Definitely try the spicy Laksa with some dime sum snacks. And to top it all off, Noo.Me is also very photogenic.HTSPT Rotterdam, Aziatisch Eten, Noo.Ma, Botersloot, Noodlesoup
Deli Bird (Delistraat 44A – 46C)
SOI3 and Deli Noord’s big sister, Deli Bird, might have the best location of the three Thai restaurants, in the heart of Katendrecht. At Deli Bird you eat Thai food as you do in Thailand, with colorful plastic cutlery and a toilet roll on the table. The dishes also taste as they should; spicy, full of flavor and rich in coconut. Enjoy the last sunbeams of the day on the fine pastel terrace and order a delicious curry with a fresh Singha beer. Just like in Thailand, but now at the harbor of Rotterdam.

Ap Halen (Mathenesserdijk 412)
Ap Halen is a take-away slash living room restaurant hidden in the picturesque Delfshaven. Those who love Indonesian cuisine must (with the emphasis on must) eat here. You eat whatever is made during the day and the number of meals is limited; there are about 30 meals a day available. You can also eat your dinner on the couch at Ap and if you do, do not forget to read his book Mixtie, with great anecdotes about Ap Halen.
HTSPT Rotterdam, Aziatisch Eten, Aziatisch Eten, Indisch, Indonesisch, Ap Halen, Delfshaven

Wah Nam Hong (Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298)
Wah Nam Hong, one of Rotterdam’s best Asian supermarkets, has a huge range of Asian cooking supplies, from special herbs to wok pans. But since we don’t always want to slave away in the kitchen, their restaurant on the first floor is definitely an outcome. Take a seat at one of the long shared-dining tables that overlook the busy Markthal and order a delicious Vietnamese of Malaysian noodle soup with dim sum snacks. Enjoyment guaranteed.
HTSPT Rotterdam, Aziatisch Eten, Wah Nam Hong, Markthal, Noodlesoup
AsianBBQ (Hudsonplein 7)
Asian BBQ is an annual returning traveling pop-up restaurant with a very special BBQ. At Asian BQQ you prepare your own fish and meat on the Moo Kata, an ufo shaped barbecue with an edge in which you make a soup. In addition, the owners Mischa and Miranda, who partly live in Thailand, make traditional Thai curries and salads. Asian food at its best! On July the 1st, Asian BBQ returns and reopens at Hudson Square in Rotterdam.
HTSPT Rotterdam, Aziatisch Eten, Aziatisch Eten, Thais, Moo Kata, AsianBBQ

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