HTSPT Kaapse Brouwers Rotterdam
Beer, I drank more of it than my liver can handle. For a good cause; you. Because I would like to put some good beer spots in a row where you can buy such hop drinks, to drink on the spot or at home. And when I’m talking about beer, I mean something beyond a simple lager.

Kaapse Brouwers
Brewery, beer and local shop, we took a look at the Fenix Food Factory (Katendrecht) when they were brewing and of course we got a few beers to taste. We always choose something new, because every time we come they offer different beers. You can drink up to 20 specialty draft beers right next to the barrels. Soon that’s going to be 30 drafts! The lost table space will be compensated with a real loft above the bar. But with good weather it’s wonderful to empty the glass at the Rijnhaven. In your mouth, to be clear. Talking about expanding and new things.. it seems that ‘De Kaapse’ might be starting something new in town. And if they manage to match the current bar, it’s more than welcome. Who knows..

HTSPT Kaapse Brouwers Rotterdam

Plan B
Would you rather have a nice beer at home on the couch to celebrate <insert any reason>? Then indulge yourself with this beer shop at the ‘s Gravendijkwal (135) with a huge range of different beers. Over 1400 not to be exact. They focus on American and British beers, but I took a nice Swedish IPA home. Even if you don’t know anything about beer, it’s fun to just walk through the crowded place and see the craziest, most attractive labels. Or let Peter Paul advice you, the owner who likes to talk passionate about the beers they have.

HTSPT Plan B Rotterdam

Locus Publicus
The oldest specialty beer café of Rotterdam is still a very nice place to taste more than 200 (specialty) beers. If you have to do that all in one visit, that’s up to you. The pub at the Oostzeedijk (364) feels, with the monumental building, authentic. And that can be found in the friendly staff as well. They love good beers, but one bartender (I’ll censor his name) gave a passionate speech about the relatively new trend called IPA. “Don’t drink it. Take, for example, a ‘Hopus’, the taste will stay even if you’ve swallowed it.” But you are, moreover, very welcome indeed to order an IPA. He secretly drinks them too.

HTSPT Locus Publicus Rotterdam

Mad About Malt
You can find this three month old beer store in one of the Hofbogen, Voorburgstraat 209. The format is a counterpart of Plan B. Simplistic, modernistic, younger. You will find fewer brands but are assured of quality. Unfiltered and without artificial additives. They also have brands you won’t find elsewhere. “It just has to be real good.” According to the bearded and, with a hop cone, tattooed vendor you don’t need to be an expert; it’s about what you think is tasty. There will soon be some changing in terms of decor and features. It is, for example, soon possible to fill a bottle / tank on tap to take home. 

Mad About Malt

Remember ‘Hopus’ which was advised by Locus? I ordered that beer at the Friday afternoon drink of Reijngoud at the Schiedamsevest (148). No pub, brewery or shop, but a nice Rotterdam tasting room with a spacious and sunny terrace. You can drink 16 different beers on tap and more than 200 from the bottle. On Sunday you can watch football with nice people and yesterday was, provisionally, the last beer pong tournament (sorry to bother you with useless info). After the summer season that will start again. The large terrace gets another advantage; a converted Piaggio will serve as outdoor bar! If the perpetual winter disappears, we’ll never go inside anymore.

HTSPT Reijngoud Rotterdam


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