pokeFood served in a pretty bowl; we simply can’t ignore it any longer. A ‘bowl’ is the new plate. We were looking for the tastiest food bowls of Rotterdam, and here you will find them!

OP HET DAK (Schiekade 189)
On the seventh floor of the Schieblock (a creative incubator in the city), you eat bowls with a view. Rooftop restaurant Op het Dak is well known with the food bowl trend. From Wednesday to Sunday, they serve a variety of dishes for breakfast and lunch in, guess what, a bowl! Choose from daily changing breakfasts, soups, salad bowls or lunch with the ridiculous tasty (and healthy!) Buddha Bowl. The latter consists seasoned rice, tempeh, vegetables, crunchy toppings and dressing with tahini. And everything’s totally organic. Sounds good, right?

dak bowl
The SUE Store (Karel Doormanstraat 372)
Early last year, the store from SUE (you know, that girl who sells “sweet without sugar’ delicacies) opened at the Karel Doormanstraat. A fine place to enjoy a smoothie bowl for breakfast. SUE’s smoothie bowls consist of frozen fruits, vegetables, coconut milk and tasty toppings and can be ordered in three different flavors. You’ll not find a healthier and more colorful breakfast in the city. And believe us, you’ll enjoy a smoothie so much more with a spoon.

Sue bowl

Wah Nam Hong (Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298)
It is the guilty pleasure of many: a packet of instant noodles. Put the noodles in a bowl, pour over some hot water, stir, and enjoy. Full of artificial ingredients and a truckload of salt, but oh so tasty. But for the real thing, you should go to the Wah Nam Hong restaurant in the Markthal. Although they cost slightly more than the packets from the supermarket, they taste awesome. Big and rich bowls with seasonings from Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. In the mood for more? The Asian supermarket below the restaurant sells everything you need to make a decent noodle soup in your own kitchen.

Korean Bowl
XOCO (Scheepstimmermanslaan 17B)
Do you associate Mexican restaurants with unhealthy American fast food chains like Taco Bell? Think again. Xoco taqueria in the Scheepsvaartkwartier proves that Mexican fast food can be really healthy and fresh. And he proves that burrito bowls are great as well. We are thrilled when we see that we can put together our own burrito bowl with different marinated meats, salsas and toppings. Choosing is difficult. But owner Sietse tells us that a burrito bowl is completely guilt-free. In other words: we need to plan another visit to try the rest.

Burrito bowl

Poké Bowl (Hoogstraat 117B)
A Hawaiian salad with marinated raw fish, known as poké, is now well established in our cold little country. Last August the first restaurant in the Netherlands tat specializes in this photogenic dish opened at the Hoogstraat. At Poké Bowl, you can fill your bowl in infinite ways with different proteins, mix-ins, dressings and toppings. Sushi lovers will appreciate a Poké with salmon or tuna probably. Nothing to worry about for those who don’t like raw fish; tofu, shrimp and grilled chicken are also present.

poke bowl

Picknick (Mariniersweg 259)
Perhaps the signature dish of Picnick: the acai bowl. The menu changes frequently, but these healthy breakfast bowl has a permanent place on their menu card. And that is not without reason. The bowl is served ice cold (instantly awake!) and is topped with fresh fruit and some homemade crumble. For an extra healthy and creamy acai, they will blend some avocado in it. Maybe it won’t surprise you, but the delicious soups and porridges at Picnick also fall under the heading ‘bowl food’.

bowl picknick

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