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Lovely summer days deserve nice events and luckily there are a lot of them this next week. We collected a few for you, where can we find you?

Monday June 19 – Sjatzi montag invites Giraffe Coffee!
Sjatzi invites a different guest every Monday, this week it’s Giraffe Coffee! The coffee roasters will take over the bar and the turning tables, so this will be a great party from 8  pm till 1 am!

Wednesday June 21 – Tosti Treffer #57 x Keilewerf
This Wednesday the Tosti Treffer closing party takes place at the Keilewerf. The Keilewerf is located next to Marconiplein and is the perfect example of a creative breeding place, a great combination. Tosti Treffer takes care of the acts, tours, tandem tours and beers. You take care of the ingredients, your Hawai shirt and your presence.

Thursday June 22FuckUpNights Vol. VIII 
Thursday the ‘FuckUps’ will be embraced again. Entrepreneurship goes together with trial and error. The most succesful entrepreneurs have also experienced this other side before conquering the world and they like to share their story with you. During this night, the ‘FuckUps’ get all the attention, instead of the boring success stories. So, from 7 pm till 10.30 pm four speakers will tell you all about their ‘Fuckup’ and you can enjoy some ice cold beer at the same time. Tickets cost €5,50.

Tursday June 22Eendracht Festival 8.0 Pre-Party
In the run-up to the Endracht Festival a pre-party will be organized this Thursday. Traditionally this takes place at Rotown and Bar3, but because there are so many hosts this year Café Stalles comes in as a third location. During the party all the hosts present one act that will give away a little sneak peak of their program. You know where to be for all the bands, people and beers this Thursday!

Friday June 23BUITENSPELEN with DANSVOER vol. 4
On Friday we can play outside from 9 pm till 2 am with Dansvloer, because we’re never done playing. Put your headphones on and have some fun! Tickets are available at the door for €7,50, but pay attention: there is only a limited number of headphones available.

Friday June 23MONO x Eurotrash Blockparty
MONO and Eurotrash United put their hands together to provide the best party of Rotterdam! The whole night (from 7 pm till 5 am) you can party with deejays, live acts, drinks and street food. And the best part of all: this party is completely free!

Friday June 23 till Sunday June 25Bluegrass Festival
Bluegrass at its best! Top artists, an intimate atmosphere, great public (you guys!) and free entrance! What once started as a neighbourhood festival is now a three-day event with international allure. Amongst fanatics the Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival is seen as the bluegrass festival in Europe, so you definitely want to be there!

Saturday June 24– Event Maagd van Holland-gebied
No plans for Saturday yet? During this entire day there will be fun activities around the Maagd van Holland area, best know for popular streets like the Pannekoekstraat, Botersloot and Nieuwemarkt. Today the spotlights are on the customers. At The GoodPeople store you can get a personalized embroided t-shirt, on the terrace of Bokaal/ Pix you can find a craft beer/ sangria and pinchos bar and a French accordionist will create nice music and a good vibe at Pierre. Sounds totally cozy, right?

Saturday June 24Fruitschaal party & exhibition
Fruitschaal is the place where all the different sorts of fruit come together. It doesn’t matter which colour, shape or size it is. After all, it’s all fruit. Are you a little fruity? Then bring along your piece of fruit to the beautiful red boat in the Wijnhaven between 8 pm and 2 am. Expect a fruity entourage, juicy tunes and a lot of positivity!

Saturday June 24Down the Best Kept Pinklands
During Down the Best Kept Pinklands you can expect all the best of this summer festival season. And you don’t even have to worry about the rain or choose to which tent you want to go first. Sounds like a festival experience without long lines for dirty Dixies and hassle with tents, but with the best festival enthems. And you only pay €5 for all of this!

Source photo: Jennifer Bloem

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