Altijd in de Buurt
Scrolling through our phones we came across a picture. “Where is this? We need to go here!” we thought. The picture was taken at Altijd in de Buurt, a new hotspot located at Weena. We went to check it out!

This lunchroom is the result of an idea that got out of hand. Owners Roger Brouwn and Tobias Prins, both working in the music industry, decided to team up. A shared office seemed ideal, and how nice would it be to have a bar in that office where they could host parties! That bar? That became Altijd in de Buurt, which is Dutch for always in the neighbourhood.

Altijd in de BuurtOn the menu at Altijd in de Buurt you’ll only find things that they personally like to eat and drink. You can order chicken ‘n waffles, buurtsalon – a variation of the famous Rotterdam kapsalon – and a falafel salad. All the dishes are displayed on the menu with a picture, so you instantly know what you can expect. Booze also has a prominent role on the menu, but of course you can also order a cappucino. I choose the tofu sandwich and Kirsten tried the popular chicken ‘n waffles. We  both ordered a homemade ice tea to drink.
Altijd in de Buurt
And the interior.. The lunchroom is very light, thanks to the high ceiling and big glass front. The green from the plants and the big wooden tree in the middle of the room – which secretly hides a printer! – create that in the neighboorhood kind of feeling, and yes, there even is a swing! Altijd in de Buurt has different seating area’s, you can sit on the terrace when the sun is out, work on the long table with your laptop or take a seat in one of the two littles houses on the vide if you are looking for a little more privacy.  

From time to time Altijd in de Buurt organizes events, which isn’t a surprise considering the fact that both the owners run a booking agency. There is no lack of good music and good vibes here, that’s for sure. Are you a music lover, are you curious about those chicken ‘n waffles or are you just in the neighboorhood? Then make sure to pay a visit to Altijd in de Buurt!

Address: Weena 709
Opening hours: Tuesday and Wednesday: 11.00 am – 06.00 pm | Thursday and Friday: 11.00 am – 01.00 am | Saturday and Sunday: 11.00 am – 06.00 pm.

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