Do you know the feeling? You walk pass that one store or restaurant on a daily basis, but you never go inside? The busiest places in the city always have that one hidden gem. Sometimes that one hotspot is right in front of you, just like the Bistrobar – and Stadsterras Binnenrotte.

Situated at the Binnenrotte, located in The Central Library of Rotterdam, you’ll find the beating heart of the city. And I’m not talking about the library. The Bistrobar is hidden away inside the library, but inside the Bistrobar  you have acces to good food (bistro dishes with their own twist) and the Stadsterras (City Terrace), with the greatest view of the Binnenrotte. The summer might be over, but as long as we can enjoy some good sunny weather during the fall, the Stadsterras of the Bistrobar is thé place to be.

The Bistrobar is a cosy hang-out for everybody. And when I say everybody, I really mean everybody: If you are craving a proper lunch during your work break, want to have some drinks with family or friends or just want to enjoy some lovely food whilst catching up on some reading, everything is possible and you are more than welcome to have a sit & enjoy your time here. It’s a cosy spot, with lots of natural light and decorated with different green tones and other colorful accents. The interior makes you feel warm and welcome.

Stadsterras Binnenrotte, which is located on the first floor of the library, can be entered via the Bistrobar. It has everything you want a good terrace to have. Comfy seats, an extraordinary view (hello Markthal, Binnenrotte and Laurenskerk) and because of the unique location you will enjoy some good sun rays during a nice sunny day. Not to mention the bonuspoints I have to give for the palmtrees, lounge benches and the friendly staff.

Okay, let’s talk food. You’ll find dishes here that truly belong to a bistro. But at Bitstrobar, the classic dishes have a nice twist to them. For example, the carpaccio is smoked on oak and lifts the well know flavors to a higher level. Tasty!

And then the Bistroburger, a burger with cheddar, bacon, pickles and union on a toasted bun with thick fries and truffle mayonnaise. It’s a burger you will enjoy until the very last bite. Good food doesn’t have to be complicated, it has to be full of flavor – and that is something the Bistrobar does right.

The Bistrobar continues to develop Itself, in terms of interior and kitchen. During the upcoming autumn/winter season there will be a new menu with lovely dishes that are more fitting. So enough reasons to go and visit this unique place and plan some returning visits to try all the new things – with a view that never gets bored.

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