Hotspot De Bodega Rotterdam
From now on you can grab a good cup of coffee at De Bodega while you’re on your way to work in the morning. Or take some time to enjoy a nice healthy breakfast at this organic hotspot!

You may still remember De Bodega by its previous name: Bio Bodega. This organic lunchroom has been closed for some days due to construction work, but tomorrow it will open its doors early in the morning. You can come in from 8 am to get some coffee, freshly prepared for you by the professional baristas! I mean, waking up with a good Americano, cortado or machiato is always a good idea, right!?
Hotspot De Bodega Rotterdam Hotspot De Bodega Rotterdam
Of course you need a hearty breakfast to go with your cup of coffee. What do you think about a goat cheese sandwich, club sandwich (also vegan available), quesadilla or grilled brie with pancetta. Also the healthy breakfast bowl – with almond milk, blueberries or kiwi, flaxseed and hemp seed – or yoghurt with spelt or puffed quinoa muesli are on the breakfast menu. De Bodega has some tables where you can sit down to enjoy your breakfast. There is also a terrace in front of it where you can catch the first sun rays of the day. Don’t have time to sit down and relax? No worries, you can also take everything to go!

You can also visit De Bodaga later on the day, order one of the lunch specials for example: a hot soup, salad or lunch platter. We were lucky and already got to try a combination of the vegetarian and vegan platter. The platter was served with bread from Jeroen Bakt Brood with a paprika trio, French tomette de yenne, pumpkin puree and onion chutney from the farmers market. You can also order a cheese and meat platter. 
Hotspot Rotterdam | De Bodega
I can really enjoy a cup of coffee or a fresh juice with something sweet on the side. Luckily Claudia Nagaro (the owner) also thought about that. Go for a fresh beetroot, strawberry of blueberry juice or order an antioxidant smoothie with walnut cake, a raw ball or SUE bite. We went for the muffin with lime and moonseed, the oat-spelt cookie and spelt applepie. Everything was equally yummie! 
Hotspot De Bodega Rotterdam Hotspot De Bodega Rotterdam
The great thing about De Bodega is that it’s not only a breakfast and lunchspot, but also an organic mini market. The assortment is small but divers: chips, tea, wine, spreads, pasta, you name it! Very convenient to take some groceries home to enjoy for dinner. All the food and products on the shelves are not only organic, but also locally produced if possible. The coffee beans are never more than four weeks old and the wines at the mini market are from small vineyards in Spain, Italy and France. Claudia is very precise in the selection of her products and has personal contact with her suppliers very often.
Hotspot De Bodega Rotterdam Hotspot De Bodega Rotterdam
De Bodega is a nice place to sit down and enjoy a good and healthy meal. Now this spot is also open for breakfast, we will probably come around sometime early in the morning too, even if it’s just to grab a coffee before the workday starts. And did you know that De Bodega is located right around the back corner of the central station? So also for the train travellers an ideal spot to get a healthy meal to go!

Address: Proveniersstraat 36A
Opening hours: Wednesday till Friday: 08.00 am – 04.00 pm | Saturday: 10.00 am – 04.00 pm | Sunday: 12.00 pm – 04.00 pm.  

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