Is the Italian kitchen also one of your favorites? Rotterdam is the place to be for al the bella hotspots. The Pizzabakkers has a brand new concept with their ‘Pizza & Prosecco’. Saluti! 

While others were visiting Bakers Dough for their perfect cookie dough creation or were relaxing with their beers at neighbor Bokaal, my attention was captured by ‘Pizza & Prosecco’. These words were illustrated at the window of – a for me unknown – hotspot at the corner of the Pannekoekstraat. Let’s be honest, that sounds way too good, right? That’s the reason why I had to plan a visit after my holiday. 

The franchise De Pizzabakkers opened their doors in Rotterdam at the end of May. This pearl has been in the hands of millennial Sanne, the hospitable, handsome and especially spontaneous new owner since September. De Pizzabakkers came along by accident for her. After the Hotel School and some experience in Amsterdam, the business woman realized that her heart is in Rotterdam. When an apartment was for rent above a hotspot that was looking for an owner with some experience… One word: TIMING. I have to admit that I am a little jealous, because living at the Pannekoekstraat sounds way too relaxed, right? 

After a warm welcome, we were looking for the perfect table where we could enjoy the next few hours. The prosecco could not be missed of course. Do we have something to celebrate? No, because in Italy it is a ‘pretentious’ drink, which in understandable language means ‘mainstream drink’. Instead of a bottle of water on the table they choose some bubbles. Can I book a flight to Italy, please? According to Sanne, we could combine the prosecco with the Romano focaccia with sea salt and rosemary and the antipasti. Perfect to share!

The interior looks basic because of the light and accessible color palette, which consists of the colors white, blue and light gray. The details provide the industrial look and feel on the other hand. As a coffee addict and retro lover, I got some spontaneous feelings for the bar with the eyecatchers, such as the coffee machine and the cabinet filled with bottles of wine, cans, pizza boxes and logs. I also was completely in love with the lights on the ceiling.

De Pizzabakkers would not be the Pizzabakkers without pizza. I was wondering what makes this pizza so special and especially so delicious. First of all, the concept of The Pizzabakkers revolves around craftsmanship and fresh ingredients. For example, the dough for the pizza bottoms comes from Italy. This is prepared with fresh ingredients from local, small entrepreneurs. Then the pizzas are baked in Italian wood ovens, which ultimately creates the ultimate flavor and the crispy substance. I was able to see how the pizzas were made because of the open kitchen in the back of the restaurant where the hardworking pizza bakers prepare your pizza with love and in style. The blue white blocked pants make this concept definitely complete.

I couldn’t make a choice because of all the delicious pizzas on the menu. I was surprised by Sanne who spoke with enthusiasm about the pizza Tartufo and the new Pizza Campagnola. Truffle lovers pay attention: the Tartufo is highly recommended! The new pizza Campagnola with tomato, mozzarella, gorgonzola, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, grilled zucchini and basil is also worth a try. Still prefer to go for safe? You can also choose the  pizza Margherita or one of the fresh salads of course. 

Yes, from pizza you get a little bit thirsty. How do we solve that? With a sparkling water? Certainly not. The Italians solve this with prosecco again. This time the prosecco limoncello cocktail with lemon, mint and spray water. It is also seen as the Italian variant of a mojito. This one is more delicious in my opinion. We finished this beautiful evening with a home-made tiramisu and shots limoncello. It is clear that you can definitely visit this hotspot for a three course menu. We were not the only one with this awesome idea, because the restaurant was crowded for a Tuesday night with a diverse audience consisting of couples, families, friends and colleagues. This makes it so fun because you can visit this place for any occasion.

Are you also such a real pizza lover and would you like to dine in a relaxed atmosphere? Then this hotspot is definitely worth a visit. Still prefer a night of pizza on the couch? Make a call and the pizzas are ready for your pick up. You can also enjoy an Italian lunch from Friday until Sunday from October 1. We will also try that soon. Roffa, we got a fantastic bella topspot! 

Pannekoekstraat 68A
Opening hours: Monday – Thursday: 5 pm – 10 pm | Friday & Saturday: 12 pm – 11 pm | Sunday: 12 pm – 10 pm 
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