It’s the end of HTSPT Rotterdam

nhow Rotterdam - HTSPT

For a while at least and we’re only talking articles on the current website, because we are developing a completely new (inter)national platform! November, December and a part of January are therefore all about the preparation of this plan.

This new platform should create more value for visitors as well as hotspots/ brands. The last few months, we have been busy determining where we want to go with our own brand. As a result, we have placed less frequently in the past period and we have decided to take a break from the current website activities. Now, HTSPT 2.0 gets all the attention it deserves.

From the start of 2018 we will be back with a broader (more cities!), more personal and practical platform, on which visual content will play an even greater role. We are really looking forward to it! Want to be the first to view the new content? Then definitely go follow @HTSPT_Rotterdam @HTSPT on Instagram. That’s the place where we will lift the first corners of the veil and share our beta version!


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