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Of course we already knew Rotterdam is a fantastic city with a strong personality, but since the New York Times and Rough Guides mentioned our city everybody knows!  We provide you with inside information you need, to experience our city at its best.


That fraise needs some explanation. “Niet lullen maar poetsen!” is a famous Rotterdam saying which literally translates to “Don’t talk shit, polish!”, meaning “Don’t talk shit, do something”. It’s not just a saying, it’s the mentality of the people from Rotterdam (Rotterdammers). Up to 2004 we had the biggest harbour of the world, we work our asses off and say what we think. Saying whatever is on your mind is typically Dutch, but Rotterdammers master it. We changed it a bit: Don’t talk, post something! Because we will keep you posted about the many hotspots Rotterdam has to offer.


We won’t just post about the well-known spots, but also the great places you’ll never visit if nobody tells you to. We know Rotterdam and we keep discovering it every day.


Like we said; with hotspots we don’t just mean the well-known places. No. Everything Rotterdam has to offer of which we think deserves attention of the public! Even if that is a forgotten (coldspot) bookstore where a lady makes old traditional food and paints her customers at the same time. But we haven’t found that place yet. Somebody?

Do you know a hotspot we should post about? Tell us!

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