At Kaapse Maria, located at the Mauritsweg, just around the corner from Kabouter Buttplug and within walking distance from Central Station, you’ll experience the splendor of a fun evening out, but the place feels like home.  

Here you can unwind from a busy day by yourself or with good company and taste different flavors in a homey setting, where the stories behind the (local) products play the leading role. You can enjoy homemade shareable bites, fine-priced dishes and a wide selection with 24 beers on tap. 

The sister company of Kaapse Brouwers is created from the passion for crafting non-conformal beers and their love for good food, that goes well with those beers. The homemade draftbeer system is a real eyecatcher, but that’s only the beginning. Yes, you can taste an overload of beer here, but their menu is full of delicious bites and dishes, and once you’ve tried them, you will never want to cook again.

Kaapse Maria is an organic concept where new ideas flow naturally. The craft kitchen regularly experiments with new flavors and creates new dishes that, from time to time, will make there way on to the menu. If you can’t make up your mind about what to choose and try from the menu, don’t worry. You can order some fine-priced bites, such as Edamame, soybeans served with garlic, lemon, sesame and soy sauce or the Gyozas, handmade dumplings filled with Szechuan cheese.

But my favorite choice of the menu is the Pork Belly Steam Buns: a dough-like sandwich with 24-hour sous-vide stewed pork belly (foodporn!) with some hoisin sauce and a beet/coriander salsa. Yum! Also suitable for coriander-haters, I dare you all to try it! The bites go well with a Kaapse Maria, vermont pale ale (4.4%) which is super refreshing! But the cocktail-like lemonades, made with syrup composed by Stirr, bring a simple lemonade – like we know ’em – to a whole new level. Love it!

Not into beer? Indulge yourself at the end of a long working day with a glass of natural wine. Natural wine is a biologically produced wine without additives or chemicals. Afterwards, you’ll receive more than just the bill. The chef or waiter will tell you the story behind the ingredients, the products that were used, and why they made the dish the way it is cooked or presented.

Kaapse Maria, located in the former restaurant-tapas bar Mariá, is a nonchalant, cozy hangout place and family-proof for both the young and old. But this spot is also ideal for young creatives who are looking for a nice, but Instagrammable, workplace.

Hit the bar with your favorite colleagues for after work drinks. Sit and chill on the terrace, hop on a seat at the bar, relax by the fireplace at the second floor or get cozy with your best friend or lover on the balcony. This centrally located hotspot that offers a variety of food and drinks is that perfect place where you will come back, visit after visit, to try something new.

Address: Mauritsweg 52
Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday 3pm – 12am| Saturday and Sunday  12pm – 12 am

Website | Instagram | Facebook


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