Hotspot Lilith Coffee Rotterdam

Many people love to start the day at Lilith Coffee, which is completely understandable, because Lilith has some nice breakfast dishes on their menu. And the great part is, you can enjoy them all day long! It doesn’t matter at what time you like to have your breakfast, Lilith is the place to be for this first meal of the day. 

You might still know the owner of Lilith, Charlotte Damen, from her previous lunchroom Charlie’s Kitchen. Charlotte thought Rotterdam was still missing a great spot where you can have an all day breakfast and some good coffee. We couldn’t agree more, since we’re not all early birds. Lilith Coffee opened the doors of its first location in November 2015. Located at the Mauritsstraat, in the middle of the city center but still a bit hidden between the Oude Binnenweg and the Oldenbarneveltstraat.

Hotspot Lilith Coffee Rotterdam Hotspot Lilith Coffee Rotterdam
Lilith has a somewhat darker and tougher ambiance, which give the place a totally different look and feel than many other lunch spots in the city. The chairs and tables seem to come straight out of some high school and the accassories and cactus complete the interior. On the menu you’ll find the oh so popular pancakes which you can order with several toppings like blueberries, banana, Nutella or bacon, or you can choose the slightly more spectacular combination of smoked salmon with spinach and crème fraîche or beetroot with spinach and goat cheese. Besides the pancakes also the homemade granola, the green bowl, the açaí bowl with fresh fruit and many more are served all day long. 

Of course you also need a drink with all that delicious food. Go for a fresh juice or smoothie, some organic soda like ginger beer, Indian tonic and Elderflower or order a cup of coffee from a local roaster. You can also order your coffee, hot choc or chai latte with soy of coconut milk.
Hotspot Lilith Coffee RotterdamLilith Coffee turned out to be such a great succes that it was soon time for a second location, one on the South side of the Maas this time. And what would be a better place for that than the Deliplein? Lilith opened its doors on Katendrecht on December 21. The Deliplein is already one of our favorites, with the Fenix Food Factory and restaurants like De Matroos en het Meisje, Deli Bird and Ceviche y Maas, but now we have another reason to come here more often.

Hotspot Lilith Rotterdam Hotspot Lilith Rotterdam

At Lilith on the Kaap they serve those same amazing breakfasts and the familiar local coffee. This spot has some fine couches and a little terrace in front of the restaurant with a view on the square and the Rijnhavenbridge. I even spotted a little backyard, so who knows, they might turn that into a terrace as well some day? Well, we will see, since we’ll probably come here more often. For the pancakes, or the açaí bowl, or the sourdough toast..

Address: Mauritsstraat 217 | Delistraat 24b
Opening hours: Mauritsstraat: Monday till Sunday 08.00 am – 04.00 pm | Delistraat: Tuesday + Wednesday 08.00 am – 04.00 pm | Thursday till Sunday 09.00 am – 05.00 pm.

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