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The name almost makes you think of a little store, that has organic dishes and is known for baking sweet pastries, right? But not everything is what it seems. Loetje is a big restaurant with great food and a cosy atmosphere. 

But where does this name come from? It all started 40 years ago in Amsterdam, where two guys started a bar. Mostly because they wanted to play cards and have fun with billiards. The name of one of the guys is Ludwig, but everybody called him Loetje.

Loetje bar
But ‘unfortunately’ for them, more and more costumers came to the bar for drinks and something to eat. A fried egg is nice for once but won’t keep you going for long without hunger. So the owners started making steaks the way they knew it, in the kitchen above the bar where Ludwig lived. Up to this day, the steaks are still prepared the same way as they where 40 years ago.

Loetje glazenLoetje lange muur
The billiard tables made room for dining tables and eatery Loetje was born. Now, years later, there are many branches scattered all over The Netherlands. There are even two hotels with the name Loetje in our country. They went from a little bar in Amsterdam, to a big company with restaurants, hotels and national fame. 

Loetje Drank

The history is something that flows nicely true the big restaurant at the Rijnhavenbrug. Not only the well known steak, but also the cosy atmosphere from the original eatery is saved after all those years. Despite its spacious decor, large lamps and raw decoration, there is a warm atmosphere. There is even a cafe section that stylishly refers to ‘those times’.

Loetje eten 
Food wise, the restaurant has a lot to offer. Don’t expect plates filled with high-end dishes, but nice straight forward food. A good schnitzel, richly filled salads or the (awesome) old fashioned steak are a few examples of the extended menu. All the portions are pretty large, so even more to enjoy. They also have an ever-changing vegetarian dish, for those who don’t love to eat their famous steak.

Loetje hoekje
So a nice decor, good comfort food, a great location and pleasant service, what else could we wish for? Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the menu or about the story of Loetje, because the staff will tell you everything there is to know. You’ll find pure Rotterdam ‘gezelligheid’ (cosiness) at this location!

Address: Antoine Platekade 1013-1021
Opening hours: 7 days a week 10:00 – 22:30

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