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Fast food does not necessarily have to be unhealthy and New Fork proves this. The restaurant on the Coolsingel is all about fresh, organic and healthy, combined with the convenience of fast food, like fast service, easy to take-out, relatively cheap and no waiter who makes you feel that you are sitting down a little too long without ordering something. New Fork has won over the city in no time with in their own words ‘the best sandwich in town’. Time to taste the sandwiches ourselves.

What a spacious location, is the first thing you notice when you enter. The restaurant is fortunately not crammed with tables and chairs. This gives a sense of calm. In the bustle of the city such moments of calmness are a relief. In addition, outside of the busy breakfast and lunch times, it’s with its spacious tables and wifi also very suitable as a place to work

Hotspot Rotterdam | New Fork
The selection of sandwiches, baguettes and fruit and vegetable juices is large and sometimes a bit surprising, such as the peanut butter sandwich. Peanut butter sandwich? The friendly staff member answers our amazement with a smile. The ‘sandwich fairtrade peanut butter New Fork style’ as it is described on the menu board behind him, is one of the most popular sandwiches, he says. “Really nice. Do you want to order it?” We hesitate. We will go through the rest of the menu first.

Hotspot Rotterdam | New Fork
Fortunately after two o’clock, the lunch peak is behind us so we can take our time to make a choice. Besides the ‘homemade meatball’ which is also popular, the ‘salmon & wasabi’, ‘grilled free range chicken’ and ‘organic humous & grilled peppers’ also seem delicious to us. Moreover, we’re also contemplating choosing the soup of the day. However, we maintain to our lunch ritual to always taste the specialty of the house or follow the tips of the staff.

Hotspot Rotterdam | New Fork
At the first bite of my peanut butter sandwich I drop my skepticism immediately. Now I understand the popularity of the sandwich. The thick brown bread is topped with a rich layer of peanut butter, cucumber, peanuts and a little chili, just enough to taste the spicy flavor without being overpowering. This is not just any peanut butter sandwich! The combination of fresh, slightly sweet and spicy complete the outstanding sandwich. And yet, if I must choose, I prefer the meatball sandwich with fried onions and homemade mustard spread.

Before we leave, we have a chat with manager Hanife. She tells us that New Fork has now opened its fourth branch. “After the Coolsingel in 2011, followed by a branch on the campus of Erasmus University and a location at Vasteland we are now also located at Maasvlakte 2.” She also says that New Fork is more than a restaurant, they also cater lunch and breakfast to various offices in Rotterdam.

Hotspot Rotterdam | New ForkWhen it’s time to go, it’s nice that I can easily take the bottle of apple-carrot-ginger juice with me in my bag. It’s too good to drink in a hurry.

Address: Coolsingel 141 
Opening hours: Coolsingel: Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 5.00pm | Saturday: 9.30am – 5.00pm | Sunday: 12.00pm – 5.00pm 

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