Hotspot NOC NOC RotterdamNOC NOC is the place at the Botersloot where you can find the best coffee. The first NOC stands for no ordinary coffee. But NOC NOC is more than just a coffee shop, NOC NOC is not only coffee (the second NOC)..

The first thing that strikes is the light. Because of the big windows there is a lot of daylight inside. The daylight gives NOC NOC a fresh look. The interior is modern and sleek, with seats in the windowsill and big tables in the middle. These tables are ideal to work on, because there are enough sockets and you can use NOC NOC’s wifi.Hotspot NOC NOC Rotterdam

The eyecatchers are the wall painting and the big bar. If you look at the bar it’s immediately clear that you are at the right place for coffee! At NOC NOC you can choose a lot of different kinds of coffee. You can choose between coffee beans and filter coffee. But that’s not all, you can also compose your own coffee! Of course it’s also possible to choose an old time favorite like a cappucino, an espresso, and so on.

NOC NOC has also a small menu, yogurt with granola, cakes, cookies and sandwiches. The food is a good addition to a good cup of coffee. The selection is somewhat limited, however the food is very tasty. I chose the sandwich with chicken and avocado, this sandwich is highly recommended!

Hotspot NOC NOC Rotterdam

NOC NOC is the perfect workplace for me, you can work undisturbed and meanwhile you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee. But NOC NOC is also the place where you can drink a nice glass of wine or gin tonic until 11.00 pm at friday and saturday. NOC NOC is definitly more than just a coffee shop.

Location: Botersloot 28a
Opening hours: sunday – thursday: 08.00 am – 08.00 pm | friday and saturday: 08.00 am – 11.00 pm

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