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For real Dutch beauty fans, the SOAP Treatment Store needs no explanation. With locations in the major cities, SOAP is the most famous city spa of the country. In 2005 the first location opened in Amsterdam. This resulted in a franchise concept: SOAP Franchise. More and more locations were opened. Also in Rotterdam!

Since 2015, Yvonne Rijneveld is the proud owner of SOAP Rotterdam. This nice, energetic and passionate woman is an expert on everything that has to do with beauty. And we were lucky that we were invited for a day of relaxation and pampering.

We stepped into a true beauty mecca. SOAP Store looks bright, luxurious and spotless. The walls are displayed with the most lovely beauty and lifestyle products! Soon we were warmly welcomed by Yvonne and two SOAP specialists. They gave us some information about the treatments offered by SOAP. And they offer a lot. Facials, peels, massages, waxing, manicures, pedicures, brow shaping, waxing, spray tanning – they do it all. Even engaged couples can prepare for the big day with the ‘BRIDES & CO treatments’, they do treatments especially for children, and of course men are also welcome at SOAP. Thanks to the in-store clinic by Doctors at Soap you can even get a botox- or filler treatment. Of course, these treatments are carried out by a professional cosmetic arts.

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The spa consists of two levels. Downstairs you will find the spraytan cabin, the space from Doctors at Soap and four separate rooms where the waxing and facials take place. All rooms are immaculate and exude calm and serenity. The only thing that distinguishes these four of each other, is the color of the wall. So every room has it’s own identity. Manicures and pedicures take place on the ground floor. All SOAP shops are known for their famous pedicure sofa. You can enjoy a delicious foot treatment with four people at the same time. In America it’s even the most normal thing in the world to have meetings and luncheons on a sofa like that!

SOAP specialists are extremely careful with their clients. Prior to each treatment you have to fill in a card on which you can specify any allergies, medications and recent operations. After that, the treatment will start! We chose the Large version of SOAP’s ‘SIGNATURE FACIAL with Dermalogica’, followed by a pedicure with OPI GelColor. You take place in a comfortable chair where you’re hands and feet are heated with hot towels. Then your whole body is encased in thick, fluffy towels. Believe us, it is absolutely no punishment to lie still for 75 minutes! While you are completely relaxed, the real work starts for the SOAP specialist. Because every skin is different, first they do a skin analysis. This will determine the approach and Dermalogica products your skin needs at that moment. Your face is cleansed completely, exfoliated, massaged and groomed. We were both pretty flabbergasted by the result of this facial. Besides that our skin felt super smooth and soft, we looked brighter and healthier than when we came in. Not to mention the positive effect on our mind. The Medium and Large facial includes a nice extra. You can choose from brow shaping, lip waxing, lash tinting, brow tinting or a touch up for your eyebrows.

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Still feeling tipsy and relax we climbed the pedicure sofa. If you have your feet placed in a soak, the SOAP specialist gets to work with files, care, exfoliating and lubricating. While enjoying a cup of Kusmi tea you can start thinking about what OPI coloring your nails will have. There is no wrong choice; all the colors are beautiful. If you booked a Gelcolor treatment, then you can already look forward to long lasting beautiful nails. Thanks to the special LED lamp, your nails will be dry in no time. But you don’t have to wait tens of minutes until the regular polishes are dry. SOAP has Dry Wall. This is a wall with holes where you can put in your hands and feet, so that your paint dries very fast. How convenient is that!?

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To maintain your well-kept skin, hands or feet at home, SOAP sells all their beauty products in the shop. Every product is luxury. They sell Anastasia, Obagi, REN Skincare, The Balm Cosmetics, Cinq Mondes and of course, Dermalogica and OPI. But don’t forget their private label SOAP! SOAP RECOMMENDS has developed some great products. One of the newest additions to this line is the CREME DE LA CREME. This is a lovely scented body balm that consists healing and nourishing ingredients as shea butter, argan oil, almond oil, glycerin and vitamins A & E. With these products (and a little imagination) you can let your daily care look like a SOAP treatment. We got hooked on HEAVEN SCENT!; a perfume mist that can be used on anything that deserves a little bit of heaven. Your skin, your hair, your pillow, your dog; you name it.

SOAP treatment store RECOMMENDS

Every treatment is nice, but a SOAP treatment is more than that. SOAP is an experience. SOAP specialists are very professional; Each treatment is carried out with care and dedication. Furthermore, it is very cosy here! You can easily stay here all day. The aim of Yvonne and the SOAP specialists is that every customer walks out with the ‘wow’ feeling. We definitely did!

Address: Meent 17a
Opening hours: Tue-Fri: 10 AM till 9 PM  | Sat: 10 AM till 6 PM | Sun: 12 PM till 6 PM

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