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Hotspot Rotterdam | STEK

Urban Jungles are trending and the Monstera plants are seen in many student rooms, offices and all kinds of hotspots. But where do you get that Instagrammable green? STEK on the Nieuwe Binnenweg is the place to be.

As soon as you step in, you see the giant Monstera of 45 (!!) years old covering the counter. We spoke to Eric, who enthusiastically told us how the big plant was delivered at the ‘city garden shop’. As the description suggests, they also have plenty for outside! Nevertheless, we were especially interested in their ‘interior landscaping’ as they call it themselves: bringing outside indoors.

Hotspot Rotterdam | STEKHotspot Rotterdam | STEK

From small cacti on your desk to large and tall plants to give your room extra life, they have it all for you. “But my plants always die on me” you say? They will help you with that too. In addition to the previously mentioned cacti and plants that require less care, they also have plenty of books for tips and tricks. Okay, you can also just take a cactus. I feel you.

Hotspot Rotterdam | STEKHotspot Rotterdam | STEK

Furthermore, STEK has much more stuff for your garden and house. Postcards and drawings with plant prints, birdhouses, pots, designer watering cans, other practical garden tools, plant nutrition and all kinds of books; the store is filled with awesome stuff. Many unique items and all of great quality.

Hotspot Rotterdam | STEKHotspot Rotterdam | STEK

But we did not just take a look of course, we immediately looked for some plants for our new studio! Recently, we based HTSPT on the Coolsingel. Before we share more of that with you, we still have to work on the setting. Eric advised us on a few plants based on pictures of our space. After some consultation, we had a beautiful Monstera, a bigger palm and more Monsteras. No, we’re not that original. But hey, they are just beautiful.

Hotspot Rotterdam | STEKHotspot Rotterdam | STEK

Should you also crave some nice plants, while your florist on the corner only sells boring stuff: STEK is here to help you out. Just take a look at what they offer yourself! Those little ‘monsters’ for your desk are only €6,50! And if you are looking for some outdoor plants, then go through their city garden full of beautiful greenery.

Address: Nieuwe Binnenweg 195b
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm

Website | Instagram | Facebook

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