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SUSAN BIJL is an established brand nowadays. In Rotterdam, but also far beyond, you can spot the recognizable bags in bold color combinations. We Rotterdammers are the lucky ones, because only here you will find a shop where you can choose from all the bags!

The showroom and shop of SUSAN BIJL has been located on the Mauritsweg for about 3.5 years and has just undergone a whole metamorphosis. Although there are some small points to be updated at the moment, we visited the store and it looks great! There is a new counter in the shop, there is brand new lighting and the office in the back is completely refurbished. Thanks to the copper-colored panels of perforation material, there now is much more place to present all the products.

Hotspot Rotterdam | SUSAN BIJL

The brand SUSAN BIJL has been in existence for seventeen years. In the year 2000 it all began with the basic model. Susan made a bag for herself because she – ironically enough – hated bags. That’s why she was looking for one bag that made all other bags unnecessary. She decided to make one. It had to be a bag that is practical and strong, strong enough to carry your heavy groceries. But, it should also look nice so you can come along with it during an evening stroll. It became a bag of ribbon nylon, in the now oh so recognizable combination of bright colors. Although Susan did not want to make a successful brand at all, The New Shoppingbag proved to be a great success and the bags are now available in various sizes and many color combinations.

Hotspot Rotterdam | SUSAN BIJL
Each year a new collection is launched based on a theme. This collection consists of 8 new colors that together form 24 color combinations. Each bag has a name that has something to do with the theme. The bags from the Minerals collection are named after stones like Jade, Rhodo and Agaat and those from the Interior collection are based on names of interior and furniture designers like Ray (Eames), Hans (Wegner), and Cees (Braakman). With this, each bag actually tells a little the story of its own origin.

In addition to the yearly changing theme collections there is also a collection that always remains in sales. This collection has the proper name Forever. The bags from the Forever collection are always in stock. This timeless collection consists of six color combinations that are freely accessible and always produced, unlike all other collections, which are made in limited edition and are not reproduced when sold out.

Hotspot Rotterdam | SUSAN BIJL

So you can choose from the Forever collection, the annual collection, and then you have special collaborations, such as the dotprint collection, which was created in collaboration with the creative Rotterdam office 75B. On October 6, the new collection will be launched in collaboration with graphic and textile designer Michiel Schuurman, a collection where you can expect beautiful prints. In November, a special Leftover collection will be used, using all remaining pieces of fabric from previous collections to create a new collection. This provides a lot of exciting color combinations and is extremely durable, as no material is wasted. Nevertheless, sustainability at SUSAN BIJ is highly important, as all products have a Bluesign certificate, which means they meet the standards for sustainable textile production. In addition, it is of course the intention that your SUSAN BIJL bag will last for quite some time. Sometimes there is a customer in the shop with a bag from the collection ten years ago. How nice is that!

Although everything has begun at the shopping bag, new products are slowly added to the range. For example, there are laptop and iPad cases and pouches, for example, for your pens or make-up. The collection of backpacks was launched last year and these are super light and you can easily store and take them by folding them and putting them in your side pocket. Nice! 

Hotspot Rotterdam | SUSAN BIJL

In addition to this store, SUSAN BIJ has about twenty other sales outlets in Rotterdam and is available in almost 80 stores in the Netherlands. Even beyond our country borders, Rotterdam is doing well: not only our neighbors Belgium and Germany are fond of the bags, but in countries such as Russia, Taiwan and Japan they are big fans. And when you finally chose a nice bag (because, believe us: choosing from so many nice color combi’s is pretty difficult!) you even get the wrapping paper of the well-known SUSAN BIJL bright colors print. Which are you taking home?

Address: Mauritsweg 45A
Opening hours: Monday: 12 am – 6 pm | Tuesday to Friday: 10 am – 6 pm | Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm

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