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Can you imagine the Vroesenpark without the Vroesenpaviljoen? Because we certainly can’t! No lukewarm beer and cold food when you can’t get the barbecue started anymore. :’) Let’s go to the Vroesenpaviljoen!

We think the Vroesenpark is the best park in town and that’s why we also think it’s a bit strange that there was no restaurant here before 2015 (yes, really!). Luckily there were more people who felt this way and that resulted in the opening of the Vroesenpaviljoen on a sunny Saturday nearly two years ago. This restaurant and stage is a nice place for everyone: from city person to nature lover, from young to old.

Hotspot Rotterdam | VroesenpaviljoenHotspot Rotterdam | Vroesenpaviljoen

The Vroesenpaviljoen is open 7 days a week and you can stay all day if you want. Breakfast is available till 1 pm, what do you think about avocado on toast, yoghurt with homemade cruesli or blueberry pancakes? The lunch menu mostly consists of sandwiches (goat cheese, mackerel, ..), but you can also go for a salad, soup or quiche. We visited the Vroesenpaviljoen around lunch time and decided to let them surprise us! We got a fresh spring salad (with spring vegetables and herbs from their own garden) a vegetarian Vroesenburger and flammkuchen with goat cheese, arugula, Emmenthaler cheese and pine nuts. We really enjoyed all of it. Of course we also tried the homemade ice tea and raspberry lemonade, which were very refreshing since it was a pretty hot day. Also the little ones are not forgotten; there is a special kids menu for them.

Hotspot Rotterdam | Vroesenpaviljoen

You are also at the right place here for dinner and drinks. There are plenty of delicious drinks on the menu and you can order dinner from Tuesday till Sunday. In the evening you can have for example a fried plaice, roasted egg plant with bulgar and roasted veggies or a schnitzel or burger. There are also some tasty bites on the menu to have with your drinks, like oil fried balls with oyster mushrooms or the crispy flammkuchen. Can’t choose? Then go for the Vroesen platter: a mix of meat, cheese, nuts and more. Sweets are also available for order, like different cakes, a brownie with with salted caramel and the all natural NICE ice pops. In the kitchen of the Vroesenpaviljoen they work with seasonal vegetables and products from mostly local entrepreneurs. The meat comes from a green butcher and the honey is from a beekeeper from Rotterdam. Many of the herbs they use in the kichten are even grown in their own garden.

The Vroesenpaviljoen is very busy on hot summer days and that’s why it’s not strange they have a very big terrace. When you come to the Vroesenpark and step foot on the lawn you can already see it. You can enjoy the sunshine here all day, but when it gets a little too hot you can seek some shadow underneath one of the big parasols. That’s nice too!

Hotspot Rotterdam | Vroesenpaviljoen

Inside there is not as much space to sit in, but it is just as cozy. They did create a new area recently, so there is more space now. It’s also not as hot inside as it is outside on those warm days, so if you want to cool down a bit you can take a seat inside. From here you have a nice view as well on the terrace as on the green park. Outside on the terrace you see a lot of wood (and green of course), and these colors and materials are also used inside, which really makes you feel like you are in the middle of this city park. 

Want to throw a party? That’s possible at the Vroesenpaviljoen too. So we’re not talking about a simple parkcafé where you only come around for a cup of plain coffee. A birthday, babyshower or wedding, you name it, it’s all possible here and the staff would love to help you make it unforgettable. If you don’t have a particulair reason to celebrate anything there is plenty else to do at the Vroesenpaviljoen too, because they also organize events and workshops from time to time.
Hotspot Rotterdam | VroesenpaviljoenHotspot Rotterdam | Vroesenpaviljoen

The Vroensenpaviljoen cannot be missed anymore, especially with the upcoming hot summer days in sight! It’s a lovely place to hide away from the busy city life or to enjoy long summer evenings and cold drinks with friends. You will find us here a lot this season, that’s for sure!

Address: Vroesenlaan 60
Opening hours: Monday: 11 am – 6 pm | Tuesday till Friday: 11 am – 9 pm | Saturday: 10 am – 9 pm | Sunday: 10 – 18 pm

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